Extra Large Sidekick Diaper Bag in Fanstasia



Kemby Sidekick Diaper Bag - Brown

Transforming your Sidekick from diaper bag to diaper bag with carrier is very easy. It’s just a matter of unzipping the top of the Sidekick, adjusting the strap to fit your waist, and inverting the pouch to reveal the carrier. It’s by far easier than some baby carriers, which is pretty impressive considering this is converting from a diaper bag. (And I hate to say converting from because it’s still a diaper bag. When in use, the carrier function in no way interferes with the size or access to the diaper bag.

Unlike the baby bjorn, ergo baby or other style baby carriers like backpack or sling baby carriers, the Sidekick baby carrier secures the baby on your side as the name implies. And, this great baby carrier is also a diaper bag all in one. The Sidekick diaper bag baby carrier is a great, functional product perfect for those quick trips when you don't want to lug around all your gear.

Go-Go Babyz Sidekick Diaper Bag and Baby Carrier

Go-Go Babyz Sidekick Bliss Diaper Bag and Baby Carrier

After baby John was born I talked with and they agreed to let me review the . The best part is they are sponsoring this giveaway of TWO Sidekick Diaper Bag/Baby Carriers!!!!

Take a look at this Orchid Sidekick Diaper Bag by go-go babyz on #zulily today! Would be interested to hear reviews on this to see if it works but neat idea!