convertible, gender neutral diaper bag.

SoHo Collection, Times Square 8 pieces Diaper Tote Bag set (Classic Black)


Jeep Perfect Pockets BackPack Diaper Bag - Grey/Black

Our gender neutral diaper bags are the perfect solution because they offer new and experienced moms alike the chance to neatly pack away all those diaper essentials while also sporting an adorable print ideal for spring babies.

This silver grey Coach baby bag is my favorite gender neutral diaper bags for spring and it comes with a little something unexpected, a little surprise.

It's without a doubt my "dream" baby bag. True, it has a price point that is at the upper end of my price range but darn it, it's so worth it.

It's pretty easy to see why this is my dream bag, right? The silver, grey color is a great neutral that would go with practically everything in my closet!

Not only would it look amazing with everything I wear, it would do its job and hold everything I need without being a big, bulky bag with no style.

The outside of the baby bag is made of grey jacquard fabric which is, as I said, neutral. But open it up and we see that the fully lined interior is a gorgeous dark purple color! There's the surprise I was telling you about! The purple isn't exactly a gender neutral color but who cares? It's stunning and if you promise not to tell, I certainly won't.

The signature, silver fabric is just part of the package. The baby bag has four pockets (2 open pockets that I plan to use to hold my cell phone and ipod and 2 zippered ones where I can put my keys and other items I tend to lose) and double, silver patent leather straps.

I can justify the price of this by telling myself I will get more use out of a neutral color diaper bag than I would a pink one.

This bag would make a lovely gift for the mother-to-be who prefers to keep the gender of her baby a secret or wants the sex of the baby to be a surprise.

I know, a black diaper bag is elegant and I could carry it year round but gray looks so pretty with so many spring colors like orange, aqua and (of course) pink!

Besides, this is not just some purse or handbag with a pretty face. This bag is a beauty but it also has lots of organizational features that I really, really need when the girls and I leave the house. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to see more gender neutral diaper bag recommendations as well as the latest for spring.

Life in Play Diaper Bag Alternative - The Jacquie, Black.

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